This is a list of all our videos we made during our trips in the US.  You can also find them on our Youtube channels  Kalaman Films (formerly Sandbox2ofcrysis) and Kalaman32

We want to emphasize that the current road conditions can be completely different than in our videos.  You should definitely check the latest reports before driving a dirt road.
You can see here how a dirt road can change dramatically within a few hours : hard frozen in the morning but with the warming up during the day transformed in an impassable, muddy mess.
Fortunately there was a friendly German couple "falling from heaven" to help us out.  However such a "miracle" will not happen every time...

A stock rental car is not insured for dirt roads, so you drive them at own risk.  Be aware of huge costs when a towing truck has to come to those remote places.
At pickup check the spare tire.  M+S tires are a great help.  Take enough warm cloths, water, food and do not forget to refuel before the dirt road.  It is rare to have cellphone coverage.  A satellite phone might be useful.

Some of the dirt roads mentioned below should not be driven by unexperienced drivers.

So what I say is, handle with care and common sense.

There are a lot more, unedited, road videos on our different blogpages.

Scenic Drive and/or dirt road
Valley of Fire - Smithsonian Butte Road
Alabama Hills - Death Valley

Scenic Drive (no dirt road)
Bryce Canyon NP
Capitol Reef NP
Joshua Tree NP
US95 - Bicentennial Highway
Sedona - Jerome

Other videos of remarkable areas in the Southwest
Water Holes Bend - Water Holes Canyon
Coal Mine Canyon - Balanced Rock
Blue Canyon
The Nautilus - Toadstool Hoodoos - Studhorse Point

Dirt Roads
Yant Flat
Houserock Valley Road (The Wave)
Scenic Drive Monument Valley
Moki Dugway - Johns Canyon Road - Cigarette Springs Road (Fallen Roof Ruin) - Dirty Devil Overlook
Five Holes Arch
Onions Creek Road
Moab - Secret Spire - Spring Canyon Bottom - Shafer Trail - Shafer Canyon Road
Moab - Gemini Bridges
Million Dollar Highway  you might think "euh...dirt road"...?  Just watch...
Bisti Badlands - King of Wings  this one was in April 2013 definitely our highway to hell...
White Pocket
Smoky Mountain Road
UT12 - Burr Trail - Upper Muley Twist Canyon - Notom Bullfrog Road
Cathedral Valley Loop
Alabama Hills